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Repairing Your Vehicle

We understand that getting a vehicle repaired is a major inconvenience. Black Lake Collision helps relieve some of the stress by keeping you informed throughout the process and letting you know what to expect from us up-front. Our mission is to finish all repairs within the estimated time of completion and to do everything we can to minimize any unforeseen delays. Your complete satisfaction and safety is our number one goal, so we vow to never sacrifice the quality of our work for speed.

The Estimate

After your vehicle arrives at Black Lake Collision, a certified Auto Body Specialist will inspect the vehicle and record all the relevant data in our advanced estimating software. We generate a preliminary estimate based on the software’s recommendation and, of course, our decades of auto body experience. Keep in mind, every collision is unique, so there is often hidden damage that cannot be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled.

Insurance Approval

After we issue the estimate, it is reviewed by your insurance company. At which time, we negotiate an agreeable price to repair the damaged area. If your insurance company determines the vehicle can be repaired, we begin repairing your vehicle upon your approval.


The first step in repairing your vehicle is disassembling it to determine exactly which parts are damaged and need replacing. During this stage, hidden damage and the need for inner structural repairs are often uncovered. In such cases, a re-inspection by your insurance company may be required.

Order Parts

Once we have a clear understanding of the scope of the repairs, we place the order for the necessary parts. Most parts can be obtained locally and arrive quickly, however to avoid complications, we do not begin the repair process until we receive all of the parts. This includes all special orders. Don’t worry, you will be kept in the loop and notified of any changes to the status of your parts order.

Structural Repairs

A straight frame is the foundation on which all body work is built. A poorly repaired frame can affect driveability and cause unnecessary wear and damage to the vehicle. Black Lake Collision uses the world-wide names in frame straightening equipment such as STARALINER. This allows us to to restore your vehicle to like-new condition and to the highest safety standards possible.

Body Repair

This is the part where the “artistry� of body repair comes into play, as we restore metal finishing and install and align the exterior panels.


After we check and double check that each panel fits snugly into place, they are then primed and prepped for paint. Black Lake Collision uses Dupont Automotive Paint to restore your vehicle to near show-room quality. We use the Dupont system to match the manufacture’s original paint color, then we apply a resistant clear-coat to protect your vehicle’s new finish.


It’s now time to put it everything back together. During this stage we install all the painted panels as well as moldings and additional detail pieces such as emblems and badges. All other mechanical repairs are done at this time as well. If necessary, we also perform a suspension alignment on the vehicle.


Auto body repair can be dirty work, so before we hand over your vehicle for you to inspect, we clean it up and make it nice and shiny!

Complete Satisfaction

Before you drive your vehicle home, one of our helpful Advisors will review all the completed work, explain the repair bill, and finalize any necessary paperwork. This is a great time to allow us to address any questions or concerns you may have. Your opinion matters, so if you feel you have received outstanding service, we ask that you share it with others by reviewing us online. We appreciate and thank you for your business, and that ain’t no bull!